What We Do

Acting in our clients’ best interest is something we’ve always done, long before we became fiduciary advisors. 
We are in business to serve our clients.  This is our North Star. 
We keep our clients up to date on the latest market news, trends and issues impacting their portfolios.



Longevity is one of the biggest challenges we face in retirement.  We build comprehensive plans tailored to achieve your goals and sustain your lifestyle.  Together, we will address the critical issues of planning for a multi-decade retirement, funding rising health care costs, empowering children thru education, helping aging parents, and longevity (the rising prospect of living to 100).

asset management

We are guided by Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz and the efficient frontier.  Over very long periods, stocks move in a similar manner.  Thus, we were early adopters of low cost, tax efficient index funds and exchange traded funds (ETF’s).  We build portfolios based on themes (for instance, ‘Global Aging’) that we believe will grow wealth sustainably over the long run.  We don’t trade on emotion and allow market volatility to dictate how we manage money.  However we are tactical when we see opportunities. 


Insurance is an effective way to protect our loved ones from the unexpected loss of life.  Insurance is also employed to provide long term care in the future.  We will have an in depth conversation about the lifestyle you would like your family to maintain should something happen to you.  It is important to address the negative impact that healthcare costs and long term care may have on your retirement.

education planning

Empowering our children or the next generation with a college education is a wonderful gift.  We will demonstrate the potential future costs of a college education and provide a road map to fund it, as to not burden your children with student loans.  We use low cost, tax efficient solutions to maximize your savings.