Young center for immigrant children’s rights

I’m not an immigrant, but at times as a child, I felt like one.  I was born on Fort Sherman U.S. Army Base in Panama.  My biological father (who didn’t raise me) was stationed there in the Canal Zone.  My mother’s father was Chinese, her mother was Panamanian.  Although I was born overseas, because my biological father was American, I was born a U.S. citizen.  I also lived in Soeul Korea as an Army brat. After my family splintered, fortunately my mother, brother and I didn’t return to Panama, but instead remained in the states.  I’ve always been appreciative of the incredible opportunities this country has provided.  It saddens me that families escaping violence in Central America, not far from where I was born, may never see the same opportunities.  This picture (left) hit home, and it broke my heart…

Hamilton Wealth donated $5,000 today